In the long ago august of 1977, Gaetano Merlino, Giorgio Paietta, Rinaldo Querci, Gianroberto Costa, Fabrizio Saltini, Anna Castellari, Pasquale Giuffrè, Mario Lo Schiavo, Luigi Colaianni, Salvatore Petrusa, Martin Wuermeling, Hans Bernard Wuermeling, Francois Di Dio, Jean Roy, Jutta Riemenschneider, Giovanni Merlino, Toni Fasolato, Teresa Ciccone, Guido Boninsegna, Anna Vacca, decided to form a comitee for the defence and development of Ginostra.

It is not known if the comitee was definitely formed. It is thought that the cold weather somewhat overcame the idea.

18 years later in a warm day, with a scirocco wind, seated in the shade of the port some of partecipants took it up again.

In a cold and a foggy day in february - febbruary 2nd 1995- to be precise, we gathered together in the house of Sandra Sassaroli in Milan, brought out and dusted the former statute, changed few details to renew it and formally constituted the Association.

We named it PER GINOSTRA (For Ginostra in English), this caused the longest discussion, we became a temporary comitee and undertook to really do something.

The projects are many: restaur the curch, mend the roads, face the problem of waste disposal, build a downward path below the curch, plant some greenery, clean up waste land and so many other ambitious ideas.

But to constitute an association we need members and funds.

Therefore the necessity to appeal to the friend of Ginostra in this new effort, to adhere financially and held with new ideas and projects.