The etymology of the name is not known; there are many suppositions.

Some think it simply derives from “Ginestra” a local plant (Broom) or bush which in the spring flowers giving a particular colour to the island. “Ginestra” comes from the latin “Genesta”.

Another meaning not less odd is that Ginostra comes from the Greek ginos which translated as a small mule, perhaps on the island were bred particularly small  donkeys?

AGAIN It is thought perhaps the greek gumnos which means “NAKED” Or “nude” is relevant. Did the inhabitants run around naked?

However let us remember the real name now somewhat altered is “inostra”, maybe it cames from two words “in” and “stra” , “IN” again from the greek means “the place in which”, “stra” is unknown.

GINOSTRA may also mean hnwy, Splendid, light, like bronze, from the mite of the rock of eolo at ginostra from homer description , strong, fortificated.

There again it may come from Inw the name of INO daughter of cadmo, a sea divinity Luocetea about what talk homero in Odyssea (5,333). Ino was a mortal maid given divinity for throwing herself into the sea, in a  moment of danger, into the arms of a marine deity.

She was the daughter of cadmo, sister of samele, the mother of dionisio and wife of atamante king of orcomeno.

At the death of semele, INO took over the upbringing of the young dionisio. This provoked the anger of Era, who persecuted her and her two sons learco and melicerte. Era completely maddened atamante who killed learco and chased INO who was trying to save her other son. Then both of them jumped into the sea from a high rock between megara and corinto. The sea gods received the desperate mother and child and bestowed immortality upon them , allowing them to live happily at nereidi.

Altamante cruel husband of ino was the son of eolo.

Last meaning, but the most probable etymology of the name ginostra comes from the latin  phrase “in austerem”. “auster” being the name of the midday wind (looking  towards the “ostro”, orientated to midday.

Perhaps, this is the real meaning of “Ginostra”.