Ginostra is a small village, former of fisherman in the island of Stromboli, in the Aeolian archipelago, reachable only by the sea. In Ginostra life is rude, essential and magic: some houses don't have electricity and fluent water: you'll take water from the well and use candles and petrol lamp at night. Good season in the Aeolian Islands goes generally from April to October; in low season you get cheaper prices and better hospitality. (Many houses have fluent water and electricity only in low season).

houses between the volcano and the sea

CASABLU: in the centre of the village; overlooking the sea and other islands. (4 beds)

ELISABETTA: dominated by the volcano, in a very tranquil area. (4 or more beds)

SCUOLAVECCHIA: dominates the sea and other islands (4 beds)

DEL LIMONE: on two levels, with an old lemon tree in the garden (6 beds)

SINGLE ROOMS are also available (2 beds)

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