The pubblic telephone is situated below the curch, it is a card telephone. Cards are available from the grocers and at the post office.
At the moment the only cellular phones functioning are TIM and WIND, reception is not very good especially in august when the links are overloaded.
There is, however, the possibility to call from the resturant IL PUNTAZZO.
As there is no electricity it is extremely difficult to recharge telephone batteries.


Ginostra has two food shops and a bazar. The stock is sufficient but the choice is not exceptionally large.
Fresh food is available when weather conditions are reasonably good, otherwise bread, cheese, vegetables etc. may not arrive daily.
Prices are a little higher than on the mainland due to the cost of trasport.
Meat is difficult to find owing to the lack of elecricity (no freesers or refrigerators).
There is fish, mostly "totano" (cuttle fish) caught by local fishermen, if however some special item is desidered, it may be ordered directly from Lipari by asking the shop owner for it to be sent by Aliscafo.
At the Bazar items as hats,costumes, sun creams, preservatives, paper, pots and pans, washing powder, cleansing materials, batteries, torches, petrol lamps etc can be bought.


There is a FIRST AID CENTER active 24 hours a day. Well equiped and staffed by capable doctors. If you have a complex pathology, however, you are advised not to stay on the island. The nearest hospital is at Lipari and trasportation for urgencies is difficult in certain weather conditions. Medicines may be ordered at the chemist in Lipari island and brought over by Aliscafo.
Visitors should bring their personal medicines when visiting Ginostra.


There is a Post Office which in the summer of 2000 (we hope) will be completely automized. All financial operation will then be possible.


The island has 2 restaurants : IL PUNTAZZO and L'INCONTRO both of high standard.
The special dishes at Puntazzo are "alalunga cruda in salsa tandura", "pasta,zucchine e pinoli", "pasta al sugo di pesce", "frittura mista" and "totani in Guazzetto".
Excellent cakes baked daily, at midday pizza is available. A good selection of wine and beer.
After diner Puntazzo becomes a pub, a social meeting place for the island with good liquores and whiskies and good music. Prices are medium to high.
L'incontro specialities :"pasta alla norma", "frittura di pesce", "pesce spada alla sicilana". Good choise of wines. Especially the "arancini". Prices medium- high.
There is an incredible view from the terrace which looks upon the delightful port.

It's possible to have a snack at the PIAZZETTA a bar also with a splendid terrace, another meeting place- snak such salame, olves, aubergines, dried tomatos all at reasonable prices well and pleasantly served
Here you can buy the best "capperi" (capers) in the Eolian Islands.


The principle unforgetable excursion is to the volcano. Departure at 5 o'clock in the afternoon arriving at the mouth of the crater at the sundown, accompanied by an authorized guide (the only autorized guides are those of the group U'TIMPUNI). One can, if the condition of the volcano permits, sleep at the top and descend the next morning toi Stromboli, have a swim there, have a delicious "granita", get on a boat and retourn to Ginostra. The price of the excursion is roundabout 50,000 lire per head. If you are interested a small amount of mountain gear is neeeded (boots -backpack - sleeping bag). It's extremely dangerous to climb the volcano without a guide; it is prohibited at least one mortal accident each year does happen.
Another excursion is going fishing for "totani" (cuttle fish) at night with a visit to the "Sciarra". The Sciarra in arab language means road or path, it's the way or canal the lava takes when in eruption. This canal is North of the island and can be reached only by sea and from the sea at night one can admire the explosions coming from the volcano very spectacular!.
Another way of observing the eruption is an excursions to the "TIMPONE" a shelf above the village of Ginostra.
There is no way to visit the other islands unless using the Aliscafo of the Siremar company.


The sea is crystal clear and clean. The coast rocky. There are no beaches at Ginostra but there are three places where one can bathe - below the curch you can rach rocks, by a path (roughly realized by the assoiciation) or go behind the port and down to the sea, easier for the older people and children, otherwise go to LAZZARO where between the rocks there is an easy opening down to the sea.
Underwater fishing or diving is prohibited. The sea bed is exceptionally interesting, there is an underwater cave under the port and the relic of a ship (military) in the sea below the church ( 15/20 meters deep).
From the shore can be seen the passing of capidogli (sperm whale), delfini (dolphins), and pescespada (sword fish).
Renting a canoa or a boat it is easy to reach Punta Chiappe, the Seagulls beanch and Punta Lena near Stromboli where there are many black sand beaches.


At Ginostra it's impossible to hire motor boats, only possible at Stromboli. The cost is rather high and they are difficult to manover into port.
However canoes may be rented at a modest price and these can easily circumvent the island without difficulty.


Regular services are made by SIREMAR. During the high season (from May to October) four aliscafi each day join Ginostra to the other islands.
Twice a week the Post Boat calls for and from Milazzo, stopping at Stromboli, Panarea, Salina, Lipari and Vulcano.
Then there is a ship to and from NAPLES which makes six calls each week in the high season and two in the low season.
To get to Stromboli village there are a number of private services (taxi boats). From Stromboli village the possibilities are much greater, many aliscafi which reach NAPLE and REGGIO CALABRIA (Snav Company) and some boats which navigates between the island.


The church is normalli open to the pubblic.Mass is celebrated each day at 10.00 a.m. The priest is english speaking. His email is